Worship Street

Appointed by Highgate Properties Ltd, Quinn London constructed a new 7-storey commercial building with a basement, situated in the heart of Hackney.

The building is designed with a concrete frame structure and the roof was formed of a steel frame with a mansard roof, finished in a sleek and modern zinc finish. The external facades of the building have been updated with new aluminium powder-coated windows, curtain walling, stone cladding, and brickwork, which not only improves the building’s overall appearance but also offers added durability and protection from the elements.

To promote sustainability throughout the building, a plant room that houses the mechanical equipment is located on the roof and photovoltaics (PVs) integrated into a green roof.

Internally, all communal areas have been given a polished and professional finish, with decorated walls and suspended ceilings that create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The floors are finished with either resin or stone, which not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the space but are also easy to clean and maintain. The commercial areas of the building are fitted with a raised floor, which provides additional space for the necessary air conditioning, lighting, and mechanical services, while also allowing for greater flexibility in the arrangement of the interior spaces.




Highgate Properties Ltd