The Arch Company

Quinn London was appointed by The Arch Company to complete a Framework working on several refurbishment schemes where derelict arches are converted into lettable warehouse or office spaces.

The Arch Company is the UK’s largest small business landlord, serving thousands of business owners who make a unique and vital contribution to the UK economy. With a property portfolio of approximately 5,200 railway arches, business estates, former station buildings and other properties, The Arch Company provides lettable spaces to small business owners, entrepreneurs and community organisations across England and Wales.

To contribute further to the community, The Arch Company launched Project 1000, an ambitious initiative aimed at investing £200 million to repurpose 1,000 vacant and derelict spaces by 2030. This initiative seeks to create opportunities for 1,000 businesses, support around 5,000 jobs, and complement the existing 25,000 jobs within arch-based enterprises. The primary objective of Project 1000 is to transform derelict railway arches into functional, lettable spaces that can be utilized by businesses, entrepreneurs, and community organizations. By doing so, The Arch Company aims to foster economic growth, job creation, and community development while rejuvenating underutilised areas.

As of the present, Quinn London has successfully completed 16 projects in collaboration with The Arch Company. These projects have seen derelict arches transformed into vibrant, functional spaces that contribute positively to the community. By repurposing these spaces, new opportunities have been created for businesses and entrepreneurs, fostering economic growth and employment within the communities where these arches are located.

Our Partnership with The Arch Company continues as we carry out more works throughout the year, helping The Arch Company to reach their goal to re purpose 1,000 vacant spaces by 2030.




The Arch Company