UCLH Patient Transfer Tunnel

This project involved a comprehensive refurbishment of the patient transfer tunnel, which included the design and installation of new emergency lighting, fire doors, and smoke control measures. Prior to the commencement of the refurbishment works, we conducted fire, asbestos, and water ingress surveys to identify the necessary repairs and upgrades. We then presented a detailed schedule of the required works to the UCLH for approval.

As part of the refurbishment, we installed suspended ceiling tiles, electrical systems, and access control measures, and adapted the existing MEP services to accommodate new systems for CCTV, panic alarms, door access, and WiFi. We also carried out various leak repairs and concrete repairs to address water ingress issues in the tunnel, including resurfacing an external lightwell.

Throughout the project, we collaborated closely with the UCLH hospital and Facilities Management team CBRE, as well as consultants, to ensure stakeholder engagement and timely delivery. This was particularly challenging as we had to work around the UCLH phase 4 proton beam therapy project, which was being delivered concurrently and in close proximity.

Overall, our team successfully completed the refurbishment works with minimal disruption to hospital operations, and the new systems and upgrades have greatly improved safety and functionality in the patient transfer tunnel.