30 Camden Street

The scope of the project included demolishing an existing community centre and replacing it with a new four-story apartment block, comprising 14 flats available for affordable rent.

Quinn London collaborated closely with the client and consultants throughout the project, making adjustments to the design as necessary. These changes included window packages and internal doors, which required careful coordination to ensure timely delivery and installation. Additionally, some materials had long lead times, so the procurement team worked closely with the project team to ensure timely supply and to keep the project on schedule.

Despite these challenges, Quinn London’s project team was able to deliver the apartment block on time and within budget. The resulting building met all the necessary requirements and specifications, and provided much-needed affordable housing to the community.

Overall, Quinn London’s ability to work closely with the client and consultants, while remaining flexible and responsive to changes, was key to the project’s success. By doing so, the team was able to ensure the project was completed to a high standard and on schedule, ultimately meeting the community’s housing needs.




LB of Camden