Windermere Avenue

Intro to the project / scope of works:

Our Windermere Avenue project included a full refurbishment programme of works which was carried out on the two unit property located in the heart of Finchley. The project included a wide range of exterior upgrades, such as the installation of a brand-new roof structure with new roof coverings ,rainwater goods, and necessary external repairs and redecorations. Additionally, both the front and rear gardens were fully revitalized.

In relation to the internal works, we completed several significant improvements, including the replacement of windows and doors, kitchen and bathroom refurbishments, installation of new central heating systems including boiler renewal and upgraded electrical works. We also carried out extensive plastering works and fitted new joinery to both units.

Finally, we installed new acoustic flooring and undertook internal redecorations to breathe new life into the property.

Risk challenges and mitigation:

The nature of the works was tricky as we continued the works following another contractor initially starting the works but not being able to carry them out and also structural challenges with the roofs.

Waste is separated on site and collected by Powerday.
Paint cans are separated and returned to the supplier for recycling


Planned refurbishment works


Windermere Avenue