Catalyst Internals

Intro to the project / scope of works:

The scope of works included planned Kitchen and Bathroom replacements, where each year approximately 600 properties were added to the programme. Quinn London carries out a validation survey to identify if works are required, approximately 100 properties were omitted by Catalyst from the validation survey submissions and 500 Kitchen and Bathroom replacements were carried out across the programme for occupied properties. Once the validation surveys were approved numerous surveys were then carried out, including Kitchen designs and Asbestos surveys to allow the works to be booked in with residents.
The installation of new kitchens and bathrooms included works such as new extract fans, wall tiling, floor coverings, new lighting and electrical upgrade work and decorations.

Risk challenges and mitigation:

Access to properties

Access can always be an issue when carrying out works in occupied properties. The Resident Liaison team work closely with the Catalyst project team to ensure that we can gain access to as many properties as possible to carry out the replacement works. Communication is key between the project team and residents to keep the residents updated every step of the way. Over a year only 5% of properties have been omitted from the programme due to no access.

Resident Liaison:

The resident liaison team are always on hand to communicate and support residents through the replacement works with any requirements and queries.
We have numerous residents through this programme where there needs vary during the works. The RLOs have house sat with residents where there are anxiety issues.


  • Occupied Works
  • Dedicated RLO Team

Planned refurbishment works


Catalyst Internals