Alfred Dickens House

Alfred Dickens House is a residential building located on a busy main road with restricted traffic access. The building required replacement of non-fire rated external cladding with a fire-rated cladding system that matched the existing appearance. The project had a short program duration and a long lead-in time for the Rockpanel cladding panels.

The project was faced with several challenges that included the following:

Restricted Access: The building was located on a busy main road with traffic restrictions, which made it difficult to access the site. To mitigate the access restrictions for residents, we set up a compound on the pavement in agreement with Newham Council. This ensured that all deliveries for the scheme were received by the council, and we could carry out the work without disrupting the residents.

Short Programme Duration: The cladding panels, which were essential for the project, had a long lead-in time. This meant that the contractor had to order the panels ahead of the contract mobilisation period. The partnership relationship between the contractor and the supply chain allowed for this to be possible.

Efficient Work: The contractor worked efficiently to ensure that the project was completed within the stipulated time. This involved setting up a detailed schedule that allowed for the work to be carried out systematically.

The Alfred Dickens House external envelope works project was successfully completed despite the challenges faced. The collaborative approach adopted by the contractor and the Newham Council, the efficient work carried out, and the early ordering of the cladding panels were instrumental in ensuring that the project was completed within the stipulated time. The fire-rated cladding system was installed, matching the existing appearance, and the building now complies with the latest fire safety regulations.


  • Restricted access
  • Programme restrictions

Firestopping and Cladding