Our OnHand Champion Of The Month

Our Social Value team has recently relaunched our employee volunteering scheme and have teamed us up with OnHand. OnHand are a volunteering app who act as a brokerage who working alongside many charities and organisations to help employers create meaningful as well as engaging volunteering opportunities selective to individuals.

Lynn has earned 327 hero points, planted 11 trees through her voluntary actions, which has contributed towards a reduction of 2.02kg of CO2.

“My carbon footprint is well below national average as I’m pretty good at recycling and energy use, so in fairness I’ve just kept a conscious effort to maintain this and try to drive it a bit more !”

“I’ve made some changes like not to use the tumble dryer at all now instead hanging my washing to dry on an airer (I don’t have a garden sadly). I reuse the water from light washing up to water my house plants each week and I always have at least 2 reusable fabric bags on me each day for any shopping on the way home from work. I get the bus to work each day and walk home each evening during the spring and summer months!

I am lucky enough to have 3 allotment plots and grow all my own vegetables, this year I’ve made a big effort to reduce any use of plastic bags to package and carry the vegetables home at the weekends. Instead I have been using string to bound the vegetables and a hessian bag to pop everything in ahead of washing the produce when I’m home. I give lots of vegetables to neighbours, friends and family, which again not only saves them grocery money whilst being full of organic goodness but also saves on the mass of supermarket plastic ! I’ve made a conscious effort this year to plant a lot of winter/spring vegetables that will keep growing and be ready through winter to spring !

I also compost lots …… I’m big on recycling and composting is just another side to this that will help me when the spring comes 😊”