OnHand Champion Of The Month – Angela Osborne

“Joining OnHand has helped me to develop a better understanding of how we can improve not only the way we live our lives but also how we can help make a difference by helping others improve their lives.

I have developed a better knowledge through listening to the bitesize talks especially about Mental Health in the Workplace, Climate change and lowering our Carbon footprint.

I have enjoyed completing actions knowing that the points go towards planting trees in our environment. I am proud to know that I have helped to plant 12 trees so far.

I have lowered my carbon footprint, stopped using my tumble dryer, introduced myself to plant based foods and completed a survey for our future Health (check up and blood test to follow in Jan 2024)

I volunteered with other colleagues, supporting the local community at the Urban Games in Grahame Park in the summer. I love supporting the Community, and it was great fun too! We also supported residents at two DIY Workshops. We all had great fun, and one resident was so inspired she went along to her community centre to get help to apply for a decorating apprenticeship.

I went along to the Holborn Community Centre Open day last month to meet the local community ended up volunteering to have my Covid jab to encourage other people to sign up for theirs.

I learned CPR in 15minutes with RevivR in September my 8-year-old granddaughter thought I was totally mad trying to revive a cushion on the floor 😊 but I have since seen her trying to imitate CPR on her teddys so I must have made an impact there.

I have since completed my refresher in First aid at work so I can continue volunteering as a first aider supporting my work colleagues and residents should the need arise.

But my biggest achievement has been looking after my own wellbeing. Thanks to OnHand I have been reminded to look after myself.

I have taken time out for myself using my wellbeing hour to start drawing again, and I have also taken up reading again there’s nothing quite as relaxing as reading a book with a cuppa. And occasionally I have a wellbeing day to myself relaxing in my PJs watching a movie or a stroll along by the river.”