Homerton X Solo Wood Recycling

At Quinn London we are committed to sustainable construction and reducing our emissions towards our journey of net zero. Through our partnership with Solo Wood Recycling, we aim to minimise waste and promote environmental responsibility across all three of our divisions. Recently, our Homerton New Elective Care project in Hackney demonstrated our commitment to sustainable practices on our sites by repurposing the wooden roof of Homerton Hospital. This also contributed to our circular economy approach using best practices and initiatives within our department to reduce our carbon emissions and potential landfill.

Solo Wood Recycling are a not-for-profit social enterprise that specialises in working with wood that would otherwise go to landfill. Every month they rescue 60 to 100 tonnes of timber which they then recondition and sell as raw building material for DIY or building projects. Supporting this company in Croydon is important to us as they also provide workshops for children and volunteering opportunities which further creates awareness within the community of the benefits of reuse and upcycling.

By repurposing and recycling the wooden roof onsite, we avoided the high carbon emissions associated with burning or landfilling. This initiative reduced emissions by 55%, showcasing the effectiveness of sustainable construction practices.