Charity Project Rajasthan

Our finance director Imran Karim and his family were approached 4 years ago with a proposal to build a Mosque in one of the most remote parts of Rajasthan, India35km from the border of Pakistan. In this area resources are very limited, there are no facilities for education, food is scarce, and water can only be accessed periodically by tankers via dirt track makeshift roads.

The building of the mosque has provided praying and educational facilities, for both children and adults. It is hoped that the new facilities will attract new residents to the area, in the expectation that in years to come there would be a small community built.

The parents of children in this area travel 1000’s of kilometres for work, making it impossible to work and provide for these children on a daily basis. This project was designed to provide living and sleeping arrangements for these children to feed and water them as well as providing an educational space to learn.

In January 2023 Imran made his first visit to the project, travelling a total of 18 hours by car from Navsari Gujrat to Chadar Mandroop Rajasthan. On arrival, Imran said that “we were welcomed as what can only be described as royalty, the community has a huge appreciation for what we provided and our continued support.”

The project has been entirely funded by private donations from Imran’s family and friends. This year Quinn London made a generous donation that Imran delivered in person, making a huge difference to the local community.