Barnet Easter Egg Hunt

We have been working with Barnet Homes since 2020 and have had a fantastic relationship with the client and delivered numerous social value schemes.

On the 29th of March we set up an Easter Egg Hunt at the Greentop Centre in Barnet, we where joined by 56 children. All from local schools Orion and Blessed Dominic which are both situated close to the Grahame Park Estate where we have been delivering a regeneration scheme for the last 3 years. Around the grounds of the centre we hid Easter Egg images which the children had to find in exchange for their chocolate Easter Egg. At the end of the hunt a lucky dip was help where three children won one of our golden egg prizes! We had a lot of fun and would like to thank Eileen Eyton and the Greentop Team for a great afternoon full of chocolate and fun!