Bloomsbury Square

Client: The Bedford Estates
Value: £2m
Date: April 2015

This project comprised of internal refurbishment and alteration of two adjacent grade 2 listed terraced office buildings into 7 flats. There are 5 floors in total of each building; 4 above ground level and 1 below ground. Work includes new kitchens and bathrooms, alternations to mechanical and electrical work and corresponding repairs and decorations.

Main external work carried out on the project included the following:

  • Stripping off the existing main roof and completely renewing it
  • Complete replacement of cast iron rainwater goods to match existing
  • Strengthening works to external vault areas for structural purposes
  • Installation of new gas, water and electrical connections including new meters and water tank systems.
  • Repairs to existing concrete staircases
  • Upgrading existing railings to meet building regulations – this included increasing the height and installing mesh panels.

Internal work carried out on the project included the following:

  • Removal of some existing partitions and installation of new to accommodate changes of layout
  • Installation of two new timber staircases
  • Installation of fire and acoustic insulation between floors
  • Complete overhaul of existing mechanical and electrical service

In order to undertake the refurbishment of a Grade II listed building we found that forward planning was imperative in order to foresee problems with internal and external works. Problem solving was essential on this job to achieve Grade II compliance without compromising the client’s needs. Through regular meetings with both the design team and with our subcontractors we were able to tackle any issues we faced and co-ordinate works to prevent programme delay.