King’s College Hospital MRI Scanners

Client: Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Value: £543k
Date: Janurary 2013

The aim of the project was to provide the Hospital with additional permanent MRI scanning facilities to meet their growing demand for the service and also eliminate their requirement for regular visits from temporary mobile scanning facilities.

The Project consisted of builders work and M&E refurbishment & new installations including ventilation, cooling, power (via a live corridor in the A&E department) and medical gasses. Refurbishment and renewal of floors, walls and ceiling finishes was also undertaken in both works areas and adjacent locations. The Scanner room was located on the 2nd Floor (top floor) of the building, with Quinn London also working on the 1st floor to install both temporary and permanent structural supports to accommodate the loadings imposed by the new scanner. The works also involved provision of new services to support the medical equipment including mechanical services, medical gasses and new electrical supplies to be fed from the basement area. A new faraday cage and magnetic shielding was provided to the examination room. Following the testing the room was handed over to GE Healthcare for the installation of the new equipment.