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Broughton Road

CLIENT: Verve Properties
VALUE: £1.19m
DATE: September 2014

The Project involved the conversion of what had originally been a Laundry and subsequently a community centre into four shell units for sale for onward development.

The scheme involved structural alterations to modify the layout including the provision of property extension at roof level, installation of new roof finishes, timber windows to the front to replicate the original style whilst modifying the frontage but remaining in keeping with the original look of the building. Refurbishment of glazed brickwork to the listed facade of the building and provision of new front and garage doors were also undertaken.

To the rear elevations we installed new windows and doors to open up the rear to give a more open feel to the properties including extensive structural alterations. Within part of unit three we removed the roof and installed a new Kingspan structure.

During the works it became apparent that the main roof which was to be retained was on the point of potential failure and as such had to be removed and replaced with a timber flat roof with new waterproof coverings.

The project has subsequently been extended to a second phase which is on-going, this involves the construction of five new houses to the rear of the original site.

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Mg 1938

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